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identity theft

Learn more about preventing and spotting identity theft and how to get your credit report fixed when identity theft happens.



Identity theft is when a person uses your name or other personal identifying information (e.g. address, date of birth, social security number) to defraud another person or entity. The typical perpetrators of identity theft are more expansive than one might think.  Although unknown hackers or organized crime outfits get the most media attention, they are not the only ones that could be responsible for stealing your identity. Other common sources of identity theft are family members, ex-spouses, co-workers, accountants or financial planners. Information about how to identify, prevent and correct identity theft problems are provided below.

Learn more about the specific steps you need to take to remove accounts that are the result of identity theft from your credit report.

Find out more about how identity theft occurs and recognize when it is happening to you.

Learn about data breaches and what you should do if you are informed that your personal information or credit information was part of a data breach.

Get tips on what you can do to minimize the chances that you will be the victim of identity theft.