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Information about background check company Hireright with instruction on how to obtaining a copy of a Hireright background check or to dispute an error on a Hireright background check.



Hireright is based in Irvine, California. Hireright provides background checks and screening reports to employers. Hireright's reports may include criminal history, identity verification, drug screening, and immigration status. Hireright is also the owner of a database of truck driver employment history that it uses to produce the  "Drive-A-Check" or "DAC" reports. 

Obtaining A Copy Of Your Report
Hireright prefers that you submit an online form to request a copy of your report. Hireright also allows you to submit a request by telephone, fax or mail.
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Disputing Errors On Your Report
Hireright accepts disputes by mail, telephone or by completing an online form.
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Do You Need Help?

If you have an error on you background check or are having difficulties obtaining a copy of your background check, Gorski Law may be able to help. Gorski Law can remove errors from your background check and obtain compensation for any harm you have experienced as a result of any errors. Initial consultations are always free. Call 215-330-2100 or email the firm to schedule a consultation now.