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Contacting Family Friends & Co-Workers

The legal limitations on communications by debt collectors with a debtor's family, friends and/or co-workers. is discussed.


Federal law places strict limitations on communications that a debt collector can make to a person who does not owe a debt that is being collected. These prohibitions significantly limit a debt collector's ability to communicate with a person's family, friends and/or co-workers.  In general, contacting family, friends or co-workers in connection with the collection of debt is prohibited. The only exception to this prohibition is that a debt collector may contact a non-debtor once only to confirm or correct location information. During this communication, the collector is strictly prohibited from disclosing that a person owes a debt. The collector also may not disclose the name of the debt collection company he or she works for unless asked.  

A debt collector has violated federal law if it has engaged in any of the following acts:

  • Contacting family, friends or co-workers for a reason other than to confirm or correct information about your location;
  • Contacting family, friends or co-workers more than once;
  • Disclosing that you owe a debt to family, friends or co-workers;
  • Disclosing the name of the debt collector to family, friends or co-workers who did not request the information.

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